About us

Adventure Trails Limited’s mission remains the same as it was when we started the company in 1996: to provide high-quality trips at the lowest price possible, while giving each client personalized attention. You will find our friendly and knowledgeable team ready to assist you in planning your holiday and we will create an itinerary for you, based on your requirements and budget, but with a little help and advice from us. Our commitment is to blend service and quality with the magic of the scenic diversity, the rich culture and the exceptional wildlife of this exquisite region.

why choose us?

Adventure Trails Limited has been in existence for quiet a long time and the knowledge acquired through the years of experience as the leading company in Rwanda gorilla safaris is quiet a convincing one, and it gives you the required comfort that we are well experienced and will offer you the best Rwanda safari ever.

Exceptional  client care

From the time you think of having a Rwanda safari, Adventure Trails Limited is there to give you a hand in what ever kind of safari you may wish to have. We guide you and help you in every way possible to ensure you have a wonderful experience during your stay in Rwanda.

Our team: All the guides/drivers in Adventure Trails Limited are experience and have love for nature and they love their work so they would go and extra mile to make your Rwanda safari a pleasant experience

What we offer:

* Tailor-made group and individual trips: Self-drive or group itineraries individually arranged to match your requirements. Private guided tours, self drive itineraries or group tours arranged by a large team of experienced and knowledgeable travel consultants offering reservations and recommendations for a range of services including accommodation, sightseeing and many more.

*Scheduled trips: A range of assured departure day or long distance tours throughout Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, ranging from coach tours, small classic tours, fly-in safaris to overland camping safaris. Each tour is designed to offer the best balance between travel, leisure and sightseeing.

*Transport Services: We provide land cruises, coaches, mini buses to our clients on the safaris. Our vehicles are fitted with seat belts, serviced regularly, with professional drivers.

Making these extraordinary moments (trips) possible are the handpicked tour guides who are experts in all national parks of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Adventure trails Limited guides are chosen for their absolute dedication to interpreting those wonders that make every place unique. Intelligent, knowledgeable and supremely organized, our guides oversee every detail of your itinerary and are a vital part of your safari.

Adventure trails is run by people who know East Africa especially Uganda, Rwanda and Congo intimately, who have lived there and who know the people and places. It is run by people who were born and raised in Africa and who continue to travel all around the region – not only to refresh their knowledge, but predominantly because of the love and passion that they have for its areas We are members of AUTO, UTA, ATTA, and ATG and we sponsor Africa Bird Club, nature Uganda, Nature Kenya, and also 10% of our proceeds go to helping Hand Foundation to help the lives of the forgotten Children.